Summary of Changes to CBA for 2018-2019 for Ratification Purposes

The UFF and FSU Administration have tentatively agreed upon several changes to the CBA, to be ratified by vote of the faculty on May 29th and 30th. Locations and times will be announced in a separate post. The documents showing relevant changes are below, and a summary is available here.

  1. Current CBA showing changes
  2. Article 8 – Appointments
  3. Article 23 – Salaries
  4. Article 24 – Benefits
  5. Article 32 – Definitions
  6. Memorandum of Understanding on Tuition Scholarships

February 2018 Consultation Minutes

The final draft of minutes from our February consultation can be found through the link below.

We do four of these a year with upper level Administration.  Two of them include President Thrasher.

They are intended to provide a relaxed forum to discuss issues of interest to faculty.   All are encouraged

to contact UFF if you have something you feel needs to be discussed.

2.21.18 Consultation Minutes