UFF-FSU Chapter Election Results, 2012

All listed candidates were easily elected, along with a few write-ins. Our new (and not so new) UFF-FSU elected leadership, effective immediately is as follows:

Officers:  Jack Fiorito, President and Senator; Nancy Kellett, Vice President and Senator; Jennifer Profffitt, Vice President and Senator; Joseph Hellweg, Secretary and Senator; Susan C. Losh, Treasurer

Senators:  Neil Abell, Margaret Ashmore, Luis Balicas, Ralph Brower, Michael Buchler, Jeanette Castillo, Chris Coutts, Vlad Dobraslavljevic, Michael Fair, Alisha Gaines, Alejandro Gallard, Robin Goodman, Scott Hannahs, Kristine Harper, RaMonda Horton, Annette Jones, Randolph Langley, Ian McDonald, Joshua Newman, Irene Padavic, Kate Petersen, James Rhoades, Robert Schwartz, Lee Stepina, Jennifer Wells

Senators-Alternate:  George Blakely, Lance DeHaven-Smith, Pam Doffek, Barry Faulk, David Johnson, Dan Tope

FEA Delegates:  Jack Fiorito, Robin Goodman, Scott Hannahs, Nancy Kellett, Randolph Langley, Bill Modrow, Irene Padavic, John Reynolds, Lee Stepina

We will post and announce further information on Chapter leaders soon. Congratulations and thank you to all those who agreed to run and serve, and thank you also to all who took the time and effort to vote.

EC Meeting Thursday, April 12, 5-7pm:  Our new Executive Council (Officers and Senators above plus Standing Committee Chairs) will meet at 5-7pm Thursday, April 12th, in Oglesby Union 311A. All UFF members are welcome to attend “EC” meetings.

FIRST FRIDAY will be from 5-7pm at Chez Pierre, 1215 N. Thomasville Road (T-ville Rd at Sixth Ave.), this Friday, April 6th. Appetizers will be provided by the UFF-FSU Chapter. Please join us to bid adieu to Chez Pierrre (scheduled to close, or perhaps simply changer, later this month) and welcome our new UFF-FSU leadership team.

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