Beyond Wisconsin and Here in Florida

As in our own 2010 Gubernatorial election, yesterday’s Wisconsin recall election results seem to underscore the Perverted Golden Rule: “Those with the gold make the rules.” We can take some cold comfort in knowing that it took a substantial spending advantage to achieve these results. Estimates heard in recent days put the spending advantage for Walker and allies between 3:1 and 7.5:1. There is also encouragement in that Walker’s allies lost control of the Wisconsin Senate in yesterday’s elections. Although Wisconsin is 1000+ miles away, events there and here are part of a national pattern. For a good concise summary focused on higher education funding aspects of that pattern, see:

Closer to home, we face our own challenges in the months ahead. Collective bargaining rights, public employee benefits, and higher education are expected to be in the crosshairs in coming months. Most immediately, Gov. Scott’s Task Force on Higher Education Reform is meeting next Monday, June 11, in the Cabinet Room of the state capitol beginning at 12:30pm. Please consider attending, and thereby letting the Governor and Legislators know that we are watching. By the way, the Task Force head, Dr. Brill (our former FSU colleague) has asked for more information on our recent survey results, but please do not consider our results to be a good substitute for attending the meeting!

Other matters:

1. If you have not already done so, please sign up for the UFF-PAC. By contributing just $1 per pay period, you can help to build a stronger statewide voice for faculty. You can find the payroll deduction form at the top of our web site (, or send a check payable to UFF-PAC to me or the UFF state office (306 E. Park, 32301). See “Perverted Golden Rule” above.

2. Collective bargaining resumes today at 2pm at the FSU Training Center. Main agenda items are expected to include promotion and tenure procedures and SPP (salary increases for professors). See your faculty team in action! UFF members are always welcome to sit in on bargaining sessions.

3. Our UFF-FSU Executive Council meets next Tuesday, June 12th at 4pm in Student Services Building (SSB) 219. UFF members are always welcome at EC meetings!

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