Report to Faculty Senate, Feb. 20th

Our annual faculty poll’s question on parking was removed last spring over my objection.  In view of the earlier presentation and discussion and prospects for more parking problems, I plan to argue strongly for putting it back this spring.

We are NOT bargaining, for a change.  You will recall that we concluded bargaining in October.  Discussions on implementation and other matters are expected at two consultations with President Barron, Provost Stokes, and other FSU administration representatives next month.  Bargaining for 2013-14 and beyond is scheduled to begin later this spring.  We will be seeking your views on bargaining in our upcoming poll and in other ways.

At The Ledge

As President Barron’s remarks indicated, there is much in play for higher education in the upcoming legislative session, including tenure, online courses, performance funding, differential tuition, and employee benefits.  Please come to hear Senator Bill Montford on these and other issues next Tuesday at 12:30 at the Oglesby Union’s Florida Room.  Senator Montford is the Vice Chair of the Senate’s Education Committee and also the Vice Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.  Lunch is free to UFF members and their guests, $12 for others.

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