Bargaining Update July 15, 2013, two articles signed

The UFF and BOT bargaining teams met on Monday and reached tentative agreement on 2 articles (9 and 17).

The contract section on Assignment of Responsibilities (AOR) is amended. New language allows for on-line management of AOR forms and clarifies the status of Specialized Faculty to co-direct doctoral committees.
Art 9-Assignment of Responsibilities TA 2013-07-15

The contract section on Leaves was updated to change the number of hours of leave faculty can transfer into the University from prior Florida public-sector employment and to extend paid parental leave to faculty funded by Contracts and Grants whose grants allow for and fund it.
Art 17-Leaves TA 2013-07-15

Sections on priority for summer teaching, faculty-student relations, domestic partner benefits, sabbaticals and salaries are still under negotiation.

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