Collective Bargaining Contract Negotiation Update 2016-05-10

The UFF and the FSU Administration have tentatively agreed upon a new 3 year contract.  This year the whole contract was open for renegotiation and changes were made to several articles.  This contract must be ratified by a vote of faculty and by the FSU Board of Trustees.  Look for details on the significant changes to your contract soon:

UFF-FSU Collective Bargaining Agreement 2016-2019

The individual articles tentatively agreed to by your negotiating team are

Article 1:   Recognition
Article 2:   Consultation
Article 5:   Academic Freedom
Article 6:   Nondiscrimination
Article 8:   Appointment
Article 9:   Assignment of Responsibilities
Article 12: Non-Reappointment
Article 17: Leaves
Article 20: Grievance
Article 22: Sabbaticals
Article 23: Salaries
Article 24: Benefits
Article 25: Payroll Deduction
Article 30: Amendment and Duration
Appendix B: Sample Dues Check-off Form
Appendix H: Dispute Resolution


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