Bargaining Update 3-29-17

The FSU-BOT team and the UFF-FSU team met on March 29 to begin bargaining for the 2017-18 contract. This is a “limited re-opener” year, which means that teams can open two articles each in addition to Art. 23 Salaries, which is automatically reopened. Each side officially notified the other on March 8 about which articles they would open. For the BOT, it is Article 15 Tenure and Article 16 Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment. For the UFF-FSU it is Article 21 Other Faculty Rights and Article 24 Benefits.

The UFF-FSU presented its proposals:

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The FSU-BOT presented their Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment proposal, which contained several suggested changes. They did not present their Tenure proposal and said only that it would be about the review process.

Bargaining takes place this week on April 5 at 2:00 in the FSU Training Center, and all faculty members are welcome.

All best,
Scott Hannahs and Irene Padavic
Co-Chief Negotiators, UFF-FSU

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