2017-2018 Collective Bargaining Status

The annual bargaining of the Collective Bargaining Agreement began March 8th with the exchange of open articles by the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the UFF.  Salaries is of course open and each side is allowed to open two articles each year with the full agreement open every 3 years.

This post will be updated with versions of the articles as the bargaining progresses.

At the first session (3/29/17), ground rules for bargaining were agreed to.

  • Article 15 Tenure (Opened by Board of Trustees)
  • Article 16 Discipline and Job Abandonment (Opened by Board of Trustees)
  • Article 21 Other Faculty Rights (Opened by UFF)
  • Article 24 Salaries (Opened by contract)
  • Article 24 Benefits (Opened by UFF)
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