Spring 2021 Faculty Poll Results

In Spring 2021, 580 faculty members completed the UFF-FSU Faculty Poll. 

Highlights from the survey!

  • 80% felt that across-the board raises for cost-of-living increase should be a high priority.
  • 54% felt that UFF should work towards advocating for healthcare (31% a lot; 23% all it can)
  • 59% felt that UFF should work towards advocating for retirement benefits (31% a lot, 28% all it can)
  • 72% opposed or strongly opposed legislation that would allow university presidential searches to be in secret.
  • 87% opposed or strongly opposed legislation that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on campus.
  • 64% agree or strongly agree that FSU administrators have inappropriately high salaries compared with FSU faculty.
  • 69% agree or strongly agree that participation in faculty governance is an ethical obligation and engage accordingly.
  • 51% agree or strongly agree that assignments to teach online should be given only to faculty who volunteer to teach online.
  • 79% feel very positive or somewhat positive toward the UFF-FSU Chapter.

In the comments:

  • Salary compression is getting worse and worse.
  • Teaching professors have significantly lower salaries by about $20K than the national average.
  • Important to get tuition scholarships for spouses and dependents.
  • We need more tenure lines, and with a special focus of hiring African-American, Latinx, and Indigenous tenured / tenure-track faculty.

Spring 2020 Faculty Poll Results

Nearly 600 FSU faculty members participated in the Spring, 2020 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll in late February and early March. They offered opinions on salaries, bargaining priorities, legislative issues, professional climate, administrator performance, the UFF-FSU Chapter, and various other matters. Many offered comments. Reports summarizing results, with or without comments are available.

Notably before the coronavirus pandemic loomed large on most Americans’ radar; a “pollster’s nightmare.”  A diverse and generally representative sample of FSU faculty views as of March 1, but no doubt a poll today would reveal new faculty concerns.


  • Salary preferences shifted toward cost-of-living increases, now 87%, with both merit and market equity raises prioritized by 50-some percent.  Similar results in a forced-choice question, but both cost-of-living and market equity increases gained popularity while merit increases lost support.
  • Non-salary priorities:  Healthcare, a phased retirement option that includes healthcare coverage, and retirement benefits were top priorities (for 60%-plus).
  • General satisfaction with FSU’s direction and assessments of faculty morale were both down noticeably (7-10 percentage points).  Faculty are less satisfied and perceive lower morale among their colleagues.
  • Percent of faculty agreeing that online teaching should be on a voluntary basis rose 5 percentage points, and the share agreeing that incentives should be used to induce online teaching rose about the same amount.
  • Slight drop (3 percentage points) in faculty satisfaction with use of web applications such as FEAS and Academic Analytics for tracking faculty performance.
  • Administrator evaluations:  Slight drops (2-3 points) for most.  President Thrasher still gets the best ratings, followed by department chairs and then deans.
  • UFF-FSU Chapter rating also dropped 2 points.
  • A drop in professional climate ratings for colleges (5 points).
  • A relatively large drop in perceptions that faculty efforts are rewarded (8 points).

Spring 2020 Faculty Poll with Comments

Spring 2020 Faculty Poll without Comments