Executive Council

UFF-FSU Officers & Committee Chairs (last updated May 2016)

President: Matthew Lata (Music)

Vice Presidents: Jack Fiorito (Management); Jennifer Proffitt (Communication)

Treasurer: Nancy Kellett (Libraries)

Secretary: Sarah Hess Cohen (Warren D. Allen Music Library)

Academic Affairs Committee Chair: Kris Harper (History)

Bargaining Committee Co-Chairs: Scott Hannahs (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory), Irene Padavic (Sociology)

Communications Committee Chair: Randolph Langley (Computer Science)

Government Relations Committee Chair: Jennifer Proffitt (Communication)

Grievance Committee Chair: Nancy Rogers (Music)

Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Kris Harper (History), Michael Buchler (Music)

General E-mail Address: info@uff-fsu.org

[Note: Because correspondence involving an FSU e-mail address is potentially a public record, we recommend that sensitive communications be carried out using personal e-mail addresses.  All e-mail addresses listed above are non-FSU e-mail addresses.]

Click the link below for a more complete listing of individuals in UFF-FSU leadership positions:

UFF Executive Council