UFF’s system of department stewards covers most workplaces at FSU.  Stewards are faculty members who, in addition to belonging to UFF, have volunteered to serve as key contact people between UFF-FSU leadership and members in their unit.  If you have a concern that you’d like UFF to address in bargaining, or if you believe that your contract rights have been violated, or if you just want to understand in greater detail how the university or UFF works, we suggest that you start by talking with your steward.  Your steward might not know the complete or precise answer, but he or she should have an idea who might know.   Click the link below for a current list of stewards:

UFF-FSU Stewards


If your unit doesn’t have a steward (or even if it does), feel free to contact other relevant members of UFF-FSU leadership.

If your unit doesn’t have a steward and you’d like to be one, please contact the Membership Chair.