Am I in the bargaining unit?

About 40% of the individuals in the UFF-FSU bargaining unit are non-tenure-track faculty.  While some of these non-tenure-track faculty (NTTFs) teach, many hold other professional positions, often in non-teaching units.  NTTFs who are in-unit include librarians, researchers, counselors, lab directors, and a host of other job classifications.  Some are on soft money, and some are located away from the Tallahassee campus.  Regardless of your specific status in the university, if you’re in the bargaining unit, the terms and conditions of your employment are covered by the UFF-negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement and you are eligible for UFF-FSU membership.

UFF-FSU gets its e-mail list from the administration’s official list of in-unit faculty, so if you receive UFF-FSU e-mails there’s a very good chance that you’re in-unit.  If you’re still not sure, contact UFF-FSU.