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More than 40% of faculty at FSU (more than 700 individuals) are UFF members.

While membership is voluntary, it brings many benefits.  Peer-reviewed research shows that membership levels correlate with union strength.  We’ve already had a number of notable achievements, including taking a case to the U.S. Supreme Court, winning reinstatement for 21 tenured faculty members slated for layoff, and being the first institution in the Florida State University System to get paid parental leave for faculty.  We certainly don’t get everything we want, but we have a seat at the table because we are organized.  With greater membership, our voice will be stronger and we’ll have greater resources to influence the terms and conditions of employment at FSU, through collective bargaining, contract enforcement, and political action.

In addition to making UFF-FSU stronger, your membership brings you a number of direct benefits, including:

  • $1,000,000 professional liability insurance.
  • $10,000 life insurance.
  • $50,000 accidental death insurance.
  • Two free, 30-minute, non-employment-related legal consultations.  Tallahassee attorneys participating in this program are Levine & Stivers (850-222-6580) and Meyer & Brooks (850-878-5212).  These consultations are for matters not related to your job (estate planning, wills, real estate, etc.).  Work-related matters are handled by UFF-FSU through the University grievance procedure and, if necessary, UFF will provide legal representation if your grievance proceeds to arbitration.
  • Discounts on home & auto insurance, and on publications.
  • A voice in defining UFF negotiating priorities.
  • UFF representation should you need to file a grievance (this benefit can easily be worth over $20,000 if a grievance goes to arbitration).
  • The opportunity to participate in UFF-PAC, whereby small individual contributions are pooled to help create an effective voice for faculty in political campaigns.

Membership is 1% of your regularly salary.  But…

  • For nine-month faculty, no dues are assessed for summer appointments, and for all faculty, no dues are assessed for overload assignments.  To illustrate the effect, if you teach one summer course, your dues are actually about 0.9%; two courses: 0.8%, etc.  Also, union dues are tax deductible, so if you itemize your taxes your effective dues could end up being considerably less than 1%.
  • If you take advantage of the benefits listed above, you could end up covering most of the costs of your union dues in direct benefits, and that doesn’t count the indirect benefits that accrue to all faculty from a strong union.
  • At some universities, union dues are as high as 1.9%, and nationally average union dues are around 1.2%.  The average FSU faculty member earns about $70,000 annually in regular salary, which means that bi-weekly dues for the average faculty member is about $36.
  • Dues are taken out of your paycheck every two weeks, which lessens the sting.
  • If UFF gains a 1% raise for you just once during your career, your dues are paid for life, even before compounding!
  • Most of your dues money gets passed on to our state and national affiliates who provide crucial services.  These include providing legal support in contract negotiation and enforcement, offering expert advice in interpreting legislative initiatives, and using their lobbying power to communicate faculty concerns to the legislature, the governor, and the general public.
  • Your UFF dues are an investment in your career, not an expense.
  • Your UFF dues may be higher than your dues for a disciplinary professional association, but do they bargain your salary and other terms of employment, and enforce your contract rights?

If you are a member, please consider getting more involved.  If you’re not already a member, please join now.  Click on the link below  to download a membership form that you can then print out and mail to the address on the form, or scan the signed form and e-mail to

PDF  UFF-FSU membership form