UFF Listens

UFF-FSU is the independent voice of the faculty, and that means that we have to know what the faculty are thinking.  On certain issues the faculty are united; after all, everyone would like higher salaries.  On other issues, though, it’s not always clear what faculty prefer: In bargaining should we emphasize across-the-board salary increases or merit pay?  If we must prioritize, should preference be given to parental leave or domestic partner benefits?  These are not easy decisions, and it’s imperative that we know what the faculty think.

There are many ways that faculty can be heard by UFF-FSU.  We regularly conduct faculty polls, the results of which we communicate directly to the Administration as well as indirectly through our bargaining team’s priorities.  We hold several public lunches each semester, which tend to be attended by most of the leadership (members eat free; non-members are asked to cover their portion of the lunch cost, usually around $12).  Members also are welcome to attend monthly Executive Council meetings, where they can not only make their voices heard but work to actively influence UFF priorities.  Monthly “First Friday” gatherings also provide a great opportunity for members to discuss their concerns in a relaxed atmosphere.  Check the Events listing for news on the next lunch and the location of the next First Friday.  And, of course, anyone can e-mail us.

As an all-volunteer organization, you’ll be amazed at how much influence you’ll have just by doing a bit of work.  If UFF has a policy that you don’t like, join UFF (if you’re not already a member) and work to change it. If you are a member, become active in union governance and policy-making.