Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

UFF-FSU represents non-tenure-track faculty.

40% of faculty covered by the UFF-FSU Collective Bargaining Agreement are non-tenure-track faculty (NTTFs).   These include scientists and researchers, lecturers and advisors, lab directors and librarians.  Some NTTFs work in academic departments while others work in non-teaching units.  Some are paid out of recurring university funds while others are paid from grant-derived “soft” money.  Most are in Tallahassee and Panama City, but a few are in distant locations including Sarasota, Gainesville, and Jacksonville.

UFF-FSU recognizes that NTTFs are a key part of the university and we are committed to advocating for NTTFs’ working conditions and to including NTTFs in union leadership.  NTTFs serve in key UFF-FSU leadership roles, such as vice president and negotiating team member.

NTTFs and the CBA

The vast majority of contractual protections contained in the CBA apply to NTTF as well as tenure-track employees (out of 33 articles in the CBA, only one is devoted to tenure).  NTTFs’ contractual rights include:

  • clear evaluation procedures and promotion pathways
  • intellectual property protection
  • paid parental leave
  • clear procedures for disciplinary action
  • paid professional development leave available only to NTTFs
  • and, as a full member, representation in a grievance process with binding arbitration if your contract rights are violated.

For more on the CBA, see the section of this website on Collective Bargaining.

The NTTF Reclassification Project

Following the publication of a Faculty Senate report in 2006, UFF formed a joint study committee with the Board of Trustees to develop a proposal covering a broad range of NTTF issues.  Throughout this process, non-tenure-track UFF members on the committee have worked to achieve key rights for NTTFs, including:

  • multi-year contracts
  • professor titles on a case-by-case basis
  • provisions for conversion of NTTF positions to tenure-track status
  • mission-specific classifications and job-titles.

When finalized, this proposal will be recommended to the Board of Trustees and UFF bargaining teams.  Then, the Board of Trustees and bargaining unit faculty will be asked to vote on ratification.

Getting these key rights into our legally binding Collective Bargaining Agreement is currently a top UFF-FSU priority!  For links to the working draft and other postings on the NTTF reclassification project, see archived posts in the Non-Tenure Track Faculty category.