Tenure-Track Faculty

UFF-FSU represents tenure-track faculty.

UFF-FSU recognizes that tenure-track faculty are among the most vulnerable at FSU, as they lack the tenure protections of tenured faculty and the seniority protections of (some) non-tenure-track faculty.  And, of course, the tenure process itself can be fraught with conflict and uncertainty.

UFF-FSU has assisted a number of faculty in reversing negative tenure decisions.  We’ve also held a number of tenure workshops in which senior faculty have advised junior faculty on getting through the tenure process.  (Tenure-track faculty interested in bringing a tenure workshop to their unit should contact their steward or the central UFF-FSU office.)

But we’re not just about helping tenure-track faculty obtain tenure; we also seek to improve working conditions for tenure-track faculty during their years as assistant professors.  To this end, we have been actively negotiating for multi-year contracts for tenure-track (and also non-tenure-track) faculty, as well as for a requirement that the Administration demonstrate just cause for non-renewals (non-reappointments).  These remain two of our top priorities at the bargaining table, and we hope that we can achieve these goals so as to improve job security and working conditions for tenure-track faculty.