Preliminary May, 2012 Poll: Barron Rocks, Pols Reek

More than 500 FSU faculty members responded to the UFF-FSU poll earlier this month.  This constitutes approximately 31% of UFF-represented FSU faculty (1600+ members of the General Faculty Bargaining Unit).  Preliminary tabulations are available

These tabulations illustrate summary faculty views regarding bargaining
issues, legislative cuts to budgets and benefits, views of administrators, and
numerous other issues.  We are reviewing the hundreds of comments offered, and a
further report including comments will be forthcoming shortly.  In the near
future we will also examine trends and offer detailed breakdowns by college and
department where possible.

As the subject line indicates, a clear pattern from the initial tabulations
is high marks for President Barron — 85% of respondents rated his performance
“outstanding” or “good” — and, not surprisingly, serious concerns about the
actions of legislators and the governor.  In view of legislated University
budget cuts and  retirement benefit cuts during the most recent session, these
latter findings were predictable.  There are numerous less predictable results
as well, as you will see.

More on this year’s survey results coming soon.

We are grateful to the many of you who took time from your busy schedules to
respond to the poll.  Thank you!  These results provide important input for our
bargaining team, for consultations with University administrators, and
throughout our efforts to represent FSU faculty members.  Thanks also to Jennifer Proffitt for overseeing the poll’s design and administration.

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