Report to Faculty Senate, March 20th

Collective Bargaining

Our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expires on June 30th … all of it!  In other words, we will be doing what’s called “full book” bargaining.  We will begin negotiations in May and preparations for bargaining are already underway.  Between now and then both sides have to decide which issues they want to renegotiate.

Please help us represent you and other FSU faculty by taking the UFF-FSU poll next month and encouraging your colleagues to do so.

Meanwhile, we are working through implementation of the changes agreed in the fall.  Implementation is among the issues on the agenda for a consultation this coming Monday with President Barron and Provost Stokes.

Ballots Due Thursday!

UFF members’ ballots for this year’s Chapter elections must be returned to Professor Padavic in Bellamy 515 by tomorrow at 4pm.  There are over 700 eligible voters, so let’s see some ballots.  Please vote!

At the Ledge

There are of course important issues in play at the Legislature.  Retirement and health care benefits are at risk once again, and of course budget developments will be critical.  The state’s revenue situation is better than in recent years, so that eases the pressure a bit, but there are still serious threats such as the proposal to close the FRS pension (defined benefit) plan to new participants.  Only about 25% of FSU faculty participate – with the rest mostly in the defined contribution or “ORP” plan.  Even so, if the legislature does something to the pension plan such as closing it to new contributors and ends up later needing to find money to fund it, there is a good chance it will turn to ORP funding for money, that is, cut state contributions yet again. Online courses are another area of concern.  You may have heard that California is considering legislation requiring state universities to accept credit from online courses.  Many of those providing online courses “happen to be” generous political donors.  Stay tuned.

Lunch with Vice President Ostrander

We are finalizing arrangements for a luncheon featuring our new Vice President for Research, Gary Ostrander.  Details will be announced soon.

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