Incredible Shrinking Faculty

Among numerous figures reported to the Trustees by the FSU Administration last week was that the number of FSU tenure and tenure-earning faculty was down 9% from 2006/07 to 2011/12.  This figure appeared on p. 10 of the Academic Affairs agenda document at the BOT web site (see  It also aligns, generally speaking, with figures for FSU and other universities reported in a recent Florida Trend news story that also notes rapid growth in administrator ranks while tenure and tenure-earning ranks have shrunk (see  These trends have been major concerns for both the FSU Faculty Senate and the UFF faculty bargaining team for several years, as you probably know.

Negotiations for our 2013-16 contract are scheduled for 2pm most Wednesdays this summer at the FSU training center.  Bargaining sessions are public meetings.  FSU faculty members are most welcome to attend.

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