Report to the Faculty Senate, December 3, 2014

by Professor Jennifer Proffitt


As I reported at the last Faculty Senate meeting, departmental merit and dean’s merit were implemented November 7 and reflected in your November 26 paycheck. You should also see a bonus in your December 12 paycheck that is the difference between the start of our contracts August 8 and the day the $1500 performance increases were implemented in October. We are hoping to begin bargaining the implementation of market equity in January, but we should know more after next week’s consultation.


Our consultation with President Thrasher, Provost Stokes, VP McRorie, and other administrators that was scheduled for November will actually be held next Wednesday, December 10.  One of the key discussions will be market equity, in addition to other items such as hiring plans, background checks, and the legislative outlook for 2015.

Next Luncheon

I am happy to announce that the luncheon with President Thrasher scheduled for December 9 is “sold-out” as it were. We are looking forward to this luncheon and to our visit with President Thrasher.

On behalf of the UFF-FSU Chapter, I wish everyone a non-stressful and successful conclusion to this semester and a restful and productive holiday break.

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