Report to the Faculty Senate March 18, 2015

by Professor Jennifer Proffitt

The UFF-FSU bargaining team has been in negotiations with the BOT team regarding market equity distribution plans. As noted at the last meeting, on February 11th, the UFF-FSU team presented our proposal that is largely based on the 2007 joint labor-management report regarding market equity. The BOT team presented its counter-proposal at this past Monday’s meeting. The next bargaining session is scheduled for March 27.

At our March 4 consultation with President Thrasher, Interim Provost McRorie, VP Kistner and other FSU administrators, we discussed market equity as well as legislative and budget issues. Our next consultation is scheduled for May.

Our luncheon with FEA’s Public Policy Advocacy Director Jeff Wright was very informative and well-attended (and the food was great, too).

Government Relations
UFF-FSU is continuing to follow several bills, including guns on campus and secrecy in president, provost, and dean searches. Both of these bills seem to be racing through the Senate and are moving quickly through the House. As noted last time, we are watching the textbook affordability issue closely; it has not yet moved in either chamber.
The concealed weapons on campus bill passed along party lines at Monday’s Senate Higher Education Committee and passed 11-2 at today’s House Higher Education and Workforce Subcommittee meeting. The secrecy in president, provost, and dean searches bill that would exempt portions of president, provost, and dean searches from public record and meeting requirements will be heard tomorrow at 1:00 at its last Senate Committee stop. It passed its first hurdle in the House last week. The statewide UFF passed resolutions opposing the guns and secrecy bills last month.

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