2024 Faculty Poll Results

UFF recently completed our 2024 Faculty Poll.  It included questions ranging from the general impression of the atmosphere on our campus and our current trajectory as well as more specific questions regarding administrators, bargaining priorities, and Legislative and Regulatory issues.

The results may be found on UFF’s webpage through the following link:

Without Comments:


With Comments:


Thanks to all who responded.   Administration does read these results carefully.   

UFF-FSU Chapter Election Results, 2024

All listed candidates were easily elected, along with a few write-ins. Our new (and not so new) UFF-FSU elected leadership, effective immediately is as follows:

Officers: Robin Goodman, President & Senator; Arash Fahim, Vice President & Senator; Jennifer Proffitt, Vice President & Senator; Michael Buchler, Secretary & Senator; Paul Polonski, Treasurer

Senators: Brian Arsenault, Andrew Ballard, Anne Barrett, Malia Bruker, Elyse Budkie, David Butcher, Geoffrey Deibel, Mark Feulner, Jack Fiorito, Michael Franklin, Leila Gibradze, Jenny Grill, Azat Gundogan, Mary Frances Hanline, Scott Hannahs, Anasa Hicks, Phil Hiver, Eundeok Kim, Mai Kung, Randolph Langley, Laurie Lawrence, Eric Ludwig, Amy McKenna, Beth Olmo, Mostafa Papi, Victor Patrangenaru, Teresa Roach, Dave Rodriguez, Nancy Rogers, Kelly Russell, Rose Skepple, Yanshuo Sun, Camille Thomas, Stephen Tripodi, Lisa Turner-DeVera, Stacey VanDyke, Zina Ward, Carl Whittington, Svenja Wolf, Frankie Wong

Alternate Senators: Tarez Graban, Joseph Hellweg, Daniel Luedtke, Meredith Lynn, Carla Peterson, Dragana Popovich, Hannah Schwadron

FEA Delegates: Andrew Ballard, Michael Buchler, David Butcher, Mark Feulner, Robin Goodman, Scott Hannahs, Jennifer Proffitt, Rose Skepple