UFF-FSU Supports "Occupy Tallahassee"

On October 14, the UFF-FSU Executive Council adopted the following resolution:

“UFF-FSU stands in solidarity with Occupy Tallahassee and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As champions of worker rights, equality, and fairness, we support students, faculty and other groups and individuals demonstrating for economic and political justice. The Occupy Wall Street movement highlights economic inequality and political corruption in a time when collective bargaining rights are under attack. Higher education funding has been slashed and tuition rates and student debt have increased exponentially. Major U.S. corporations are posting record profits during a time of economic instability and high unemployment rates. Banks were bailed out and tax cuts for the wealthy continued as millions lost their homes and their pensions, and as millions goes hungry and lack healthcare insurance. Promises of job creation have been replaced by cuts in wages, benefits, and state workers. It is time to stand up for the rights of people over profit.

Occupy Tallahassee joins the global “Occupy Wall Street” movement in a day of protest on Saturday, October 15 in a “surround the Capitol” demonstration. The rally begins Friday, October 14, at 4:00. For more information about Occupy Tallahassee and coming events, visit http://occupytallahassee.org/

2011 Non-Recurring Merit Bonus Award Procedure Announced

The following guidelines and procedures have been announced for 2011 non-recurring merit bonus awards.  As per the Memorandum of Agreement between UFF-FSU and the FSU Board of Trustees, bonuses will average $750 per faculty FTE and will be distributed based on established departmental evaluation procedures.

Memorandum to deans, chairs, and others regarding Merit Award guidelines and procedures for various classes of employees

UFF-BOT Memorandum of Agreement on Merit Awards

Worksheet to be completed by deans and chairs regarding distribution of Merit Awards