Become a Leader

There are 4 types of leaders in UFF-FSU:

  • Elected Leaders (President, Vice President, UFF Senators, FEA Delegates)
  • Appointed Leaders (Committee Chairs)
  • Department Stewards
  • Committee Members

There can be overlap, such as an elected leader who also leads a committee and serves as a steward. The important thing is that there is a role for everyone, no matter how much time you have to give.

Executive Council


The Executive Council steers the chapter, makes budget decisions, meets with University officials, oversees membership growth and outreach efforts, and determines legislative priorities. It's our goal to have the most diverse representation possible on the EC. We have tenured and specialized faculty from a variety of disciplines. Serving on the EC is one of the best ways to learn more about the union and develop the experience to be an effective leader for your colleagues.

Senators & Delegates


Senators and Delegates are elected to serve as representatives to the UFF and FEA legislative bodies, respectively. Their decisions help change the rules and regulations that govern our statewide unions. The UFF Senate meets twice a year and the FEA Delegates Assembly meets once a year in the Fall. Both are typically held in either Tampa or Orlando; travel and hotel rooms are paid for by UFF.



Serving on a committee is a low-pressure way to learn the ropes, and a great way to prepare to take over as chair in the future. The specific responsibilities and time commitments will vary based on the committee. Our committees include:

  • Membership (includes organizing and social activities)
  • Bargaining
  • Government Relations
  • Academic Affairs
  • Grievance (also known as Contract Enforcement)
  • Communications (includes website maintenance)



Department stewards are the most basic - and in some ways, the most important - leaders we have. Without a functioning steward network, there's no way we can keep in touch with all the units across this big campus of ours. It's fine to have a fancy title and an impressive resume, but we know that in-unit colleagues are often the most effective ways to communicate our issues. And as luck would have it, this is the role with the lowest time commitment.

Ready to Step Up?

A union is only as strong as its members. We need more people to get involved, learn what's going on, and help shape the future of our organization.

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