Department Stewards

UFF’s department stewards network spans the campus.  Stewards are members who have volunteered to serve as key contact people between UFF-FSU leadership and members in their unit.  If you have a concern about UFF, an idea for bargaining, or a concern that your contract rights have been violated, we suggest that you start with your steward.  Your steward might not know the complete or precise answer, but they should know how to find one.

If your unit doesn’t have a steward, feel free to contact us directly - and also consider filling that role yourself!

College of Arts & Sciences


Diana Williams


Robin Goodman

College of Education

College of Fine Arts


Anjali Austin

College of Music

College of Music

Michael Buchler

College of Music

Marcía Porter

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy


Anne Barrett

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory


Dragana Popovic

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