Collective Bargaining

Your Collective Bargaining Agreement

The most important obligation of our union is to negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between UFF-FSU and the University. The CBA covers things like:

  • tenure
  • evaluation procedures
  • leaves (sabbaticals, professional development, & paid parental leave)
  • job security
  • disciplinary procedures
  • fairness in assignment of responsibilities
  • intellectual property rights
  • academic freedom
  • procedures for filing a grievance if you feel that any of these rights have been violated.

The entire CBA for FSU faculty is renegotiated every three years, but select articles are opened every year. Bargaining begins in March; we send out a survey to gauge the priorities of our members in the months leading up to this.

The FSU School faculty have a separate contract that is negotiated on a different schedule; the most recent CBA for the FSU School is the 2014-2017 contract.

You can access a complete archive of all CBAs, for both faculties, here.

Bargaining News

See the latest updates about our negotiations.

Your Bargaining Team

Co-Chief Negotiator

Jennifer Proffitt
Professor, Communication


Robin Goodman
Professor, English


Jack Fiorito
Professor, Management


Arash Fahim
Associate Professor, Math

Co-Chief Negotiator

Scott Hannahs
Research Faculty, NHMFL


Michael Buchler
Professor, Music


Brian Arsenault
Assistant Librarian, Strozier

Want to Join the Team?

Any member can attend bargaining sessions. This is the best way to learn about this process. If you're interested in getting more involved, get in touch! (If you have feedback for the committee, use the links above to contact them directly.)

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