Bargaining Update: September 20, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Last Wednesday, we began negotiations with the FSU administration on enacting their draft Post-Tenure Review Policy. At that session, they handed us a revised document that made several positive changes from the first-draft version, affording greater due process rights to faculty. 

This coming Wednesday (tomorrow) from 2:00–5:00 at the FSU Training Center (across from the stadium, accessible from southbound Stadium Dr. and from Jackson Bluff), we will return to the table and the UFF will offer more comprehensive suggestions for both clarifying the policy and for protecting faculty rights. We expect to move from discussions of the policy to its impact on the terms and conditions of our employment that are enumerated in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

You’re invited to join us (in person or online) as we fight to defend faculty rights. Please contact Arash Fahim at [email protected] for the Zoom link.

And we hope you’ll join your faculty union and help protect the very existence of our contract. If we don’t reach 60% membership density, we simply won’t have a contract to defend.

In solidarity,

Michael Buchler         

Professor of Music Theory

Florida State University College of Music

President, Society for Music Theory

Member, UFF-FSU Bargaining Team

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