Faculty Poll Results

Thanks to all who responded to our “pre -bargaining” poll.  It is essential that we know what faculty think before we engage with our Administration.   On salary issues, respondents are mostly concerned with Market Equity and Cost of Living issues.  Protecting our health care and retirement plans are also important issues.

Bargaining will begin in late February.  If the Legislature does its work, we hope to have a contract ready to ratify by the end of the academic year.   We will keep faculty apprised of our progress during the bargaining process and, as always, will be asking for your input as we go.

Full poll results may be accessed at the links below:

With comments:  https://uff-fsu.org/art/UFF-FSU-Fall2015PollResponsesN428Comments.pdf



Thanks to the hundreds who responded.   A reminder that the UFF bargains for the entire faculty.  We need to know what you think!   We also need your support.  The more members we have, the more effective our bargaining is going to be.


After recovering from lows in 2009 after faculty cuts, satisfaction and morale have flattened over the last three years.   Very few (14%) feel that loyalty to the University is returned, and that faculty members are sufficiently rewarded for their efforts (24%).   A large majority (73%) feel that administrators have inappropriately high salaries when compared with faculty.  Everyone agrees this needs to change.

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