Report to the Faculty Senate, September 19, 2014

by Professor Jennifer Proffitt

The ratification vote for the changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement was held last week, and the vote was 285 “yes” and 3 “no.” Some of the highlights include:

  • Continuation of Sustained Performance Increases of 3% for eligible full professors and eminent scholars, and, for the first time, for the top rank of Specialized Faculty working for seven years or more after their promotion to the top rank.
  • Promotion Increase MOA continues promotion increases of 12% for the second rank and 15% for the top rank.
  • $1,500 performance-based increases for faculty with an overall annual evaluation of at least “meets FSU’s high expectations” on their 2014 performance evaluations. These increases will appear in the paychecks of Oct. 17. A lump sum distribution to make up the difference between the August 8 start of the academic year and the Sept. 26th implementation will appear in the Dec. 12 paycheck.
  • Departmental merit raises of 1.55% to be distributed based on Spring 2014 Merit Evaluations. These increases will appear in paychecks on Nov. 7.
  • Deans’ merit of 0.20% of the in-unit salary base to be distributed on Nov. 7.
  • Establishment of a Post-Doc Faculty Mentor Award.
  • Renewal of the Domestic Partner Stipend Policy.

For more information, see

Presidential Search
I also wanted to let you know that the Florida International University Faculty Senate passed a resolution supporting the FSU Faculty Senate resolution passed September 10th. The UFF-FSU chapter also passed a resolution in support of your resolution. I encourage everyone to attend the presidential search meetings scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

UFF is also working on getting out the vote, so if you are not registered to vote, please do. I will send out additional information about voter registration soon.

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