Report to the Faculty Senate, October 16, 2014

by Professor Jennifer Proffitt

Implementation of the CBA
The implementation of raises has begun!

The $1,500 performance-based increase for faculty with an overall annual evaluation of at least “meets FSU’s high expectations” on their 2014 performance evaluations will appear in Friday’s paycheck. As a reminder, a lump sum distribution to make up the difference between the August 8 start of the academic year and the actual implementation of the increase will appear in our Dec. 12 paychecks.

Departmental merit raises of 1.55% will be distributed based on Spring 2014 Merit Evaluations and will appear in paychecks in November. Deans’ merit of 0.20% of the in-unit salary base will be distributed in November as well.

Promotion raises of 12% for the second rank and 15% for the top rank have already been implemented.

We are in the process of planning a consultation with the administration to be held sometime soon. We did meet with Interim President Stokes and other administrative representatives in July and had a cordial discussion regarding salaries, market equity and other policy issues. We are meeting with Bob Bradley next week to discuss updates to the 2007 labor-management joint study on market equity, a study that you can find on our website.

UFF is working on many things, including increasing membership—keep an eye out for activities during the month of November—and getting out the vote. If you are registered to vote, there are several ways you can do so:

• By mail—will need to request a ballot from the Supervisor of Elections in your county
• By early voting—which will begin October 20 and end November 1
• On Election Day November 4

As we know from our presidential search, politics certainly matter, and they certainly affect higher education policy and funding as well. As such, your vote is essential. Please plan to vote in this important election.

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