Legislation, Bargaining, and More

Session Summaries:  Although the 2013 Florida legislative session ended more than a week ago, its implications are still unfolding, and Gov. Scott may still veto some items.  Here are some preliminary summaries that came out early-to-middle of last week:

FSU’s Government Relations Office:  https://uff-fsu.org/art/FSU-SessionSummary2013May6.pdf

Florida AFL-CIO:  https://uff-fsu.org/art/FLAFLCIO-SessionSummary2013May.pdf

Florida Education Association:  https://uff-fsu.org/art/FEA-SessionSummary2013May7.pdf

Bargaining Resumes this Wednesday between the UFF faculty team and the FSU BOT team.  The teams will negotiate salaries, benefits, evaluation, and a variety of other issues that are important to faculty.  We will provide periodic updates as negotiations proceed.

Impressive!  FSU faculty members are an impressive bunch.  Reading about some of our colleagues’ accomplishments in a recent issue of FSU’s State publication was, as State often is, a timely reminder.  And for me at least, it was hard not to notice that 80% of the faculty pictured in this particular issue are UFF members.  Keep up the good work!

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