Resolution Regarding Concealed Weapons

The UFF-FSU Executive Council passed the following resolution:

Be it resolved that we, the Executive Council of the United Faculty of Florida-Florida State University, oppose proposed legislation that would allow concealed weapons on university campuses. We support the arguments and evidence suggesting that an increase in deadly firearms on campus will not enhance the safety of our students, faculty, or staff because of the potential increase in collateral damage, accidental shootings, and confusion regarding who the aggressor is in a given situation.

Legislation, Bargaining, and More

Session Summaries:  Although the 2013 Florida legislative session ended more than a week ago, its implications are still unfolding, and Gov. Scott may still veto some items.  Here are some preliminary summaries that came out early-to-middle of last week:

FSU’s Government Relations Office:

Florida AFL-CIO:

Florida Education Association:

Bargaining Resumes this Wednesday between the UFF faculty team and the FSU BOT team.  The teams will negotiate salaries, benefits, evaluation, and a variety of other issues that are important to faculty.  We will provide periodic updates as negotiations proceed. Read More →

Report to Faculty Senate, April 24th, 2013

By Professor Jack Fiorito, Senator and UFF-FSU Vice President

Consultation, Ballots, and Bargaining

Much has happened since our last meeting. Since the March Faculty Senate meeting we held a consultation with President Barron and Provost Stokes and other top administrators. The discussion was wide-ranging and cordial.

That same day we counted ballots in the UFF-FSU Chapter elections. As you probably know, Professor Jennifer Proffitt is our new President. I am pleased to be a Vice President once again.

Earlier this month, chief negotiators for the faculty and administration/trustees teams exchanged lists of contract provisions they intend to renegotiate this year. The lists are fairly lengthy. The teams will roll up their sleeves starting May 15th – negotiating new provisions to take effect July 1st or as soon as possible thereafter.

This Just In … April 2013 Faculty Poll Results

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Report to Faculty Senate, March 20th

Collective Bargaining

Our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expires on June 30th … all of it!  In other words, we will be doing what’s called “full book” bargaining.  We will begin negotiations in May and preparations for bargaining are already underway.  Between now and then both sides have to decide which issues they want to renegotiate.

Please help us represent you and other FSU faculty by taking the UFF-FSU poll next month and encouraging your colleagues to do so.

Meanwhile, we are working through implementation of the changes agreed in the fall.  Implementation is among the issues on the agenda for a consultation this coming Monday with President Barron and Provost Stokes. Read More →