2014 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll Results

Hundreds of faculty members responded to our 2014 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll.

A summary version of the report can be found at: https://uff-fsu.org/art/FacPollApr2014NCPost.pdf

An expanded edition of the report that includes faculty comments that help to clarify and elaborate upon the quantitative results can be found at: https://uff-fsu.org/art/FacPollApr2014Post.pdf

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Charts, Bargaining, and Consultation

Bar charts based on data from our April faculty poll are now available showing college/unit averages for selected variables.  Results are shown only for the 10 college/units with 10 more faculty responses in our poll.  You can find the charts (and underlying data) at:


Bargaining for our 2013-16 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) resumes tomorrow.  Both teams hope to build on the productive momentum established in last week’s opening session.

UFF-FSU representatives will meet with President Barron, Provost Stokes, and other BOT representatives next week in a consultation meeting (see Article 2 of the CBA).

2013 Faculty Poll: Don't You Forget About Me!

Hundreds of faculty members responded to the 2013 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll. Preliminary tabulations are available at:


An expanded edition of the of the report that includes faculty comments that help to clarify and elaborate upon the quantitative results can be found at:


More detailed results by college/unit and department/unit will be forthcoming for units for which the number of responses is enough to assure anonymity.

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Report to Faculty Senate, April 24th, 2013

By Professor Jack Fiorito, Senator and UFF-FSU Vice President

Consultation, Ballots, and Bargaining

Much has happened since our last meeting. Since the March Faculty Senate meeting we held a consultation with President Barron and Provost Stokes and other top administrators. The discussion was wide-ranging and cordial.

That same day we counted ballots in the UFF-FSU Chapter elections. As you probably know, Professor Jennifer Proffitt is our new President. I am pleased to be a Vice President once again.

Earlier this month, chief negotiators for the faculty and administration/trustees teams exchanged lists of contract provisions they intend to renegotiate this year. The lists are fairly lengthy. The teams will roll up their sleeves starting May 15th – negotiating new provisions to take effect July 1st or as soon as possible thereafter.

This Just In … April 2013 Faculty Poll Results

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Highlights and Comments from the May, 2012 FSU Faculty Poll

An expanded edition of the report on the May, 2012 FSU Faculty Poll is now
available at the www.uff-fsu.org web site,
or via direct link at:


This edition includes hundreds of faculty comments that help to clarify and
elaborate on the meaning of the quantitative results released last week.  The
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