Highlights and Comments from the May, 2012 FSU Faculty Poll

An expanded edition of the report on the May, 2012 FSU Faculty Poll is now
available at the www.uff-fsu.org web site,
or via direct link at:


This edition includes hundreds of faculty comments that help to clarify and
elaborate on the meaning of the quantitative results released last week.  The
quantitative results appear in both editions.

A brief “highlights” flyer discussing certain trends and results for selected
questions, including some new questions, is also now available at the UFF-FSU
web site, or via direct link at:


More detailed results by college/unit and department/unit will be forthcoming
soon for units where the number of responses is sufficient to assure

“Thank you” once again to the hundreds of FSU faculty members who took the
poll!  And a special thanks to UFF-FSU VP Jennifer Proffitt for running this
year’s poll and preparing these reports.

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