2014 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll Results

Hundreds of faculty members responded to our 2014 UFF-FSU Faculty Poll.

A summary version of the report can be found at: https://uff-fsu.org/art/FacPollApr2014NCPost.pdf

An expanded edition of the report that includes faculty comments that help to clarify and elaborate upon the quantitative results can be found at: https://uff-fsu.org/art/FacPollApr2014Post.pdf

As the results of the poll suggest, current faculty are largely concerned about salary issues, particularly compression and inversion, and protecting retirement and healthcare benefits. Strong support for across-the-board raises is evident as well.

It is also clear from the numbers and the comments that faculty overwhelmingly support a presidential candidate with an academic background as our next president.

More detailed results by college/unit and department/unit will be forthcoming for units for which the number of responses is enough to assure anonymity.

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