Summary of Contract Changes, 2022-2025

Summary of Contract Changes, 2022-2025                                            August 16, 2022

The UFF-FSU and Administration/Board of Trustees teams have concluded negotiations for the 2022-2025 contract. We reached Tentative Agreements and a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), subject to ratification, on numerous issues.

The previous (2019-2022) Collective Bargaining Agreement, as amended, can be found here.

Below are summaries of the Tentatively Agreed language and the MOA. You can click on each article to compare the new and old language.

Art. 5-Academic Freedom and Responsibility. Adds “protected free speech” to the list of freedoms faculty have the right to enjoy without fear of institutional censorship or discipline.

Art. 10-Performance Evaluations. New language specifies which documents need to be included in annual evaluations and considered for promotion and appointment and non-reappointment. Eliminates language that is no longer relevant, such as second- and fourth-year reviews for Assistant Professors.

Art. 14-Promotion. Adds language stating that departments may now convene different promotion committees for tenured/tenure-earning and specialized faculty and specifies that all departmental promotion committees must be elected.

Art. 15-Tenure. New language extends and clarifies circumstances under which tenure-earning faculty can request a one-year extension of the tenure-earning period.

Art. 18-Inventions and Works. Changes the term “Appreciable University Support” to “Appreciable University Resources,” which removes the possibility that salary could fall in the category. Eliminates language that independent efforts need to fall outside a faculty member’s institutional expertise in order for the University to not claim a financial interest.

Art. 19-Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity. Defines outside activity, conflict of interest. and conflict of commitment. Clarifies the disclosure process for reporting conflicts of interest and commitment. Disallows consensual sexual relationships with FSU undergraduate students. Disallows consensual sexual relationships with FSU graduate students in a faculty member’s department and graduate students a faculty member supervises or evaluates. Adds language regarding investigations of consensual sexual relationships.

Art. 20-Grievances. Clarifies language about selecting an arbitration panel.

Art. 21-Other Faculty Rights. New language adds procedures, reporting, and timelines for regular campus building safety inspections.

Art. 22-Sabbatical and Professional Development Leaves. Increases the number of paid one-semester sabbaticals from 1 per every 30 eligible tenured faculty members to 1 per every 20.

Art. 23-Salaries.

Performance-based increases: 4% permanent increase to all faculty with an overall 2021 annual evaluation of meets expectations or better, effective Sept. 16.

Departmental merit: 0.75% of the faculty salary base (roughly $1.3 million) to be distributed according to departmental evaluation criteria and procedures as permanent increases, effective Oct. 14.

Deans’ merit: 0.50% of the faculty salary base to be distributed by deans as permanent increases, effective Oct. 14.

Market equity: $750,000 to be distributed as outlined in Article 23.6, effective Jan. 20, 2023.

Administrative Discretionary Increases: up to 0.80% of the faculty salary base.

Sustained Performance Increases (SPI): Continues 3% permanent increase to full professors and eminent scholars who have seven years of continuous University Service after their promotion to top rank or after their previous SPI, effective Aug. 8.

Promotions: Continues promotion raises at the same levels as last year (12% and 15%), effective August 8.

Art. 24-Benefits. Adds the tuition scholarship program for faculty members’ dependent children and spouses.

Art. 29-Amendment and Duration. Specifies that negotiations for the next three-year contract (“full book negotiations”) begin in the spring of 2025 and that negotiations for the two intermediate contracts (“limited re-openers” where only a small number of issues, including salaries, are negotiated) begin on April 1 of each year.

Appendix IFlorida State University Criteria and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure. Removes the “early promotion” designation and the stipulation that time in rank as an Associate is “normally five years.”

Appendix J-Criteria and Procedures for Promotion of Specialized Faculty. Adds new honorific titles for specialized faculty: Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, and Clinical Professor and clarifies the process of determining who is eligible for promotion.

Appendix K-Examples of Reportable and Non-Reportable Activities. Provides examples of inside and outside activities that are potentially a conflict of interest and need to be disclosed as per Article 19-Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity.

MOA-2022 Additional Leave. Stipulates an extra day of leave (8 hours) for 12-month faculty that would need to be used by June 30, 2023.

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