CBAs (Contracts), Bargaining, and Web Updates

Have you received your 2010-2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (the white contract)?

Through the help of many generous volunteers, we have completed our initial distribution effort. With almost 1700 represented faculty (also known as “covered by the contract,” “in unit,” or “part of the General Faculty Bargaining Unit” at FSU), a distribution effort spread over several weeks, summer holidays, and other complications, we have surely missed a few of you. Please let me know if you have not yet received the new (white cover) “CBA” ([email protected] ). We will do our best to get one to you as soon as possible.

Collective bargaining continues for the 2011-12 academic year. Negotiations resume Monday at 2pm at the FSU Training Center. We hope to wrap up salary negotiations then, that is, to come up with new salary provisions to replace some of the current provisions in the 2010-13 CBA. We then plan to move on to some previously tabled issues, including academic freedom, evaluation, and new classifications for non-tenure track faculty.

Web Updates! Our UFF-FSU web site and email lists have undergone a major overhaul. Please take a look at the new web site (same address, ) and tell us what you think. We are trying to make it easy to find information, and easier to provide updates (you won’t notice that initially). You will immediately notice a different look and feel for the revamped web site. So please take a look, and direct your comments to the Chair of our ad hoc committee on web redesign, Prof. Phil Steinberg ([email protected] ). We have also updated our email list servers, but you will probably not notice more than a slight difference. You got this message, right? Glitches and gremlins in the changeover are possible of course, and we apologize in advance for any problems that may arise.