February 2012: Collective Bargaining Update

The teams closed the 2011-2012 contract negotiations with agreements that can be found here. Later this month you will be asked to ratify the agreement.

Even though we formally re-opened negotiations for the 2012-13 year in late January, we have been steadily bargaining since May of 2011 on several issues, mainly: nontenure-track (specialized) faculty reclassification project, Performance Evaluations, the Salary Plan for Professors, Promotion & Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Domestic-Partner Benefits. The teams also renegotiated minor changes resulting in MOAs on Voluntary Separation Program, Winter Holidays, and our contract’s Amendment and Duration (Article 31). Details are below the fold.
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2/21-23: Contract Ratification Voting

Contract Ratification is tentatively scheduled for February 21-23. Your departmental stewards will be doing the voting in departments and general voting locations will be at Strozier and the Faculty Senate meeting.

Ratification Summary February 2012
Article 23 Salaries
Article 31 Amendment and Duration
Memorandum of Agreement – Merit Bonus
Memorandum of Agreement – Voluntary Separation Program 2011-01-13
Memorandum of Agreement – Winter Break 2011